Cafébar - Initial Implementation of digital architecture in the Czech Republic

In the world and in particular in the Netherlands there are already several realizations of parametric design method. Probably the first parametric architecture in the Czech Republic is Cafébar architect Michael Kutalek. Although the interior is small, but undoubtedly is a technological milestone in the history of modern Czech architecture. I therefore may be a surprise to many that Cafébar is located in the Old Town in Hungary Fort and not, for example in Prague or Brno. Theoretically, our parametric designing more concerned with people, their visions were presented in a number of professional journals, but no one has so far failed to push through this approach the investor. In this respect, the Czech Michal Kutálek include primate.
Dominik Herzán, February 20, 2009


For corporate customers
Cafébar is adapted to various corporate seminars. For this purpose, a built-in projector, screen and variable furniture. The entire guest house together with Cafébar may be right for your company an ideal place not only for training but also for rest and relaxation.
And most importantly, do not forget that Cafébar Rozárka is a non-smoking bar.